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I haven’t written actively for about a month now.  And I have been more or less away from technology (outside of my day job) for a couple of weeks now.  It’s not that I’ve been relaxing on the beach.  I’ve been busy moving (did I mention I hate moving?)!  In the past 7 or so years, I have not really spent too many whole days staying out of touch with technology (or using my gadgets).  I had forgotten what it feels like.  A few hours without my phone made me fidgety.  I could not envision being disconnected.  And yet, 10 days of disconnection later, I feel good.  I’m physically tired, but really energized.  
The first couple of days, the separation from my phone was out of necessity.  We had to pack or we were not gonna make the move.  I still found myself squeezing out 20 seconds to unlock  my phone and check my notifications as I went from box to box. On moving day, it was so packed that I could not find those 20 seconds without holding someone up. And then, the unimaginable happened.  As we unpacked the next day, I found myself reaching for my phone less and less.  And by the following day of the move, I didn’t know where my phone was! 
The break is refreshing and it feels great.  I may have missed out on super cool news (I am yet to catch up on the reviews for Moto X), but I don’t feel compelled to play catch up.  I feel content picking up from here.  If there was something that was super cool and I missed it, I’m sure it will surface again. 
It’s an amazingly calming effect to be out of the constant connectivity for a while. I resolved to do it periodically – it’s cost effective therapy after all!  Not sure that I can, once I get caught up in the sea of tech activity again – but, I’m going to have reminders to take a break, breathe and do other things every once in a while!