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Long, long time ago, the Internet used to be open. It reflected freedom of expression.  Vast amounts of content were created and consumed.  Without borders, without walls, without restrictions.

Today, there are so many places to help you create and share content – but, along with creating content, they are also slowly building a wall around the content! Take Quora as an example – Quora’s mission is about creating and sharing knowledge.  It has done a phenomenal job of creating good content – and an even better job of locking up the content!

Enamored by the high quality content, I started blogging on Quora – it has certainly slowed me down on this blog a bit!  But, the inability to share content freely, without requiring the users to log in, has been an issue – a rage, actually! Even though Quora responded showing that they listened to their users, it’s still a problem – fundamentally, they think that requiring an identity to access content is normal and acceptable!  It is this fundamental notion that is causing the Internet to be closed, one step at a time!

Whose right is it anyway to put a wall around our content? It’s hynotism – just like I wrote before, it’s about owning every move of the user without the user knowing that he/she is being hypnotized!  The walls we knew with cellular companies where small, claustrophobic and uncomfortable.  The walls we see now, with the likes of Quora, are deceptively liberating – they have the illusion of being free and available.  But, unless we see a turn that brings down the walls, the future of the Internet surely seems to be drifting towards a closed state!