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I know, it is a new age.  We are supposed to have moved on from voice communication.  It’s all about social now.  What exactly is “social” anyway?  Who knows, but it is not about traditional calling!  We are supposed to be broadcasting our thoughts in short (or long) snippets with embedded short links!  Who calls any more?! Must be those old school people and the older population!

Well, I still pick up the phone and call sometimes.  When I need to reach someone now.  When I want to ask a quick question.  When I want to casually chat with friends.  When I want to hear someone’s voice.  When I want to have an effective exchange.  Etc.  Sure, the time I spend on voice calls is small compared to the time I spend on “social” (although I don’t exactly know what it is, I know I spend a lot of time being “social”).  But, does that mean voice is irrelevant, as an application?

In this era of voice becoming almost obsolete, it is still hard for me to say voice is irrelevant.  More and more devices that are categorized as “phones” function abysmally for voice – they are built for other functions these days.  Makes me wonder if these devices were even tested for voice quality and what the pass criteria was!  But, at the end of the day, I want to toss a device that gives me crappy voice experience and pick up a real phone.  I have low tolerance in general, but I can tolerate a few more milliseconds of latency on “social” better than I can tolerate crappy voice.  I suspect I’m not alone.  We may not call much any more – but when we do, we better be able to hear the other person crystal clear!  Voice isn’t THE killer app any more, but it certainly is one of the key experiences still worth designing for!