Post Google – The Beginning Of A New Journey

April 14, 2015 — 3 Comments


Two weeks ago, I walked out of Google with mixed feelings and a heavy heart.  I was leaving behind a team I built and multiple projects I created – things that I was still extremely passionate about, and things that would come to life in a big way in the near future.  I left behind the opportunity to build one of the largest contextual platforms that history will likely see for many years to come.  It was no easy decision.  As I walk into my third week as an entrepreneur, I am still debating if I should let my Google Now just figure out on its own that it should change its notion of what my work is or actively go tell it that it shouldn’t really show me traffic to the Googleplex now!

As all good things go, my ~3 years at Google went by fast. It is the shortest job I’ve held so far and it’s probably the one that taught me the most.  Everything you hear is true – the people are brilliant, the environment is fast paced (Android, mind you, will give a startup a run for its money, in terms of pace!), the food is yum and the bikes are a nice touch!  This is what really makes it challenging to not be at Google once you’ve been at Google!

That said, I had to go pursue a dream.  One of building something from scratch and taking it through its entire lifecycle! When you build something and see that in the hands of hundreds of millions of users, it is a unique feeling – and Google can bring you that.  But, knowing that when you take your feature live, you will wake up to hundreds of millions of users using what you created is, well, also a bit of cheating.  You are riding on an established success that is hard to come by!  Google has its own challenges – not everything built at Google scores super high on user engagement – but, there is no denying that they have an unfair advantage when it comes to user adoption!

I had to embark on this journey to figure out how far I can build something from scratch that did not have that unfair advantage! With an amazing team, I’m setting out to build the next generation experience of styling with friends!  More about that in a few days – but for now, I’m going to let Google Now take its own course in figuring things out :)!


3 responses to Post Google – The Beginning Of A New Journey

    Ravindran Srinivasan April 15, 2015 at 12:49 am

    Well written. There are many (and I count myself as one of them) who are unable to make the decision to chase dreams, for various reasons, and therefore are denied the experience that you describe so very well, the one of seeing something you created in the hands of many people.
    Many congratulations and loads of luck with your new venture.


    There is nothing like seeing your own creation succeed in the market – without piggybacking on some else’s success. I have tried to do just that even without external funding. The autonomy one loses with injection of external funding is a big kill joy. With total creative control of technology as well as marketing and a cutting edge technology, it has been a pleasure disrupting the market all on my own. Ping me if you might want to exchange notes. My product was partially responsible for the fall of Congress government in India – that big !

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