Fewer Clicks Vs. Cleaner UI – What Is The Right Tradeoff?

March 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

Pinterest’s latest update boasts a PinIt button on the main screen, overlayed on top of each image.  This action was one click away in its older versions.

ImageWhen images don’t have enough of a clean white space, this overlay of the button clutters the image and obstructs the view, making it less attractive of a home screen.

ImageThe older view was a lot cleaner, which meant the users that wanted to take action needed to get to the next screen of viewing the detailed image before pinning it.

Does this mean that data indicated not enough users were re-pinning from the mobile devices?  Or, is it Pinterest experimenting to see if a lot more users will re-pin as a result of this?  To me, personally, this takes away the eye-candy experience that the main screen was delivering.

But, what really is the right tradeoff here? Do people pin because it is easy to pin or do people pin because they really like what they see.  If it is the latter, you would think that cluttering what they see at first is not the solution…

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