FOWA – Living in a Box!

August 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

The Future of Web Apps! Chrome accomplished in four years what Firefox or Safari could never do all these years – bypass IE in number of users! Amazing feat, given all the stories we know about Microsoft’s push for IE on all Windows devices! However, as I struggle to get used to all the things I now need to do in Chrome (yeah, I now work for its creator), the FOWA story gets scarier to me – what if web apps take over my digital world?

For me, using apps in a browser is like living in a box – a closed one at that! The cool thing about native apps is that they have a personality – an individuality that defines each app in a way that makes you bond with it.  The concept of web apps rips that out and attaches the personality to the serving browser – in the process, all the apps used feel subservient to the all mighty browser!  Further, switching across apps requires careful inspection of all the tab titles, which drives me completely insane! Does no one feel the loss of productivity or the massive cognitive overload that comes with this?

If you are going to do web apps, how about getting it right?! It is feasible to deliver the native app experience in a web app to a large extent – if only we can get the players to focus on the user experience! The present problem is that the world of web apps is being built by the geeks.  Does Apple need to step in to make it ready for the masses? Or is there anyone out there to save the native apps experience?!


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